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Equipment engineered for procedural efficiency, designed with the patient’s safety and comfort in mind.

Single Patient Dialysis Systems

Advanced Blood Dialysis Machine from JMS North America
North America

Only Available in North America

Latin America & the Caribbean

Only Available in Latin America & the Caribbean

North America, Latin America & the Caribbean

Available in North America, Latin America & the Caribbean


SDS-50 Single Patient Dialysis System

The SDS-50, provides:

  • Simplified Procedures for Enhanced Functionality
  • Touch Screen User Interface
  • Sophisticated Design for Reliability, High Performance and Patient Safety
  • Slim Design for Easy Operation, Easy Handling and Easy Servicing

The SDS-50 is equipped with the following features:

  • 12 inch color LCD with touch panel screen to enhance operability.
  • UF/Sodium Profile function, ECUM function (UF only mode) and Single Needle Dialysis function are available.
  • Treatment History, Changes of Settings and Alarms can be displayed (up to 7,500 events can be stored).
  • Dialysate inside the dialyzer can be removed automatically after a treatment.
  • Priming Assist function is available.
  • Inside surface of the concentrate suction tube can be washed out during Disinfection / Rinse mode.
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