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Frequently Asked Questions

About JMS
How long has JMS been in business?
JMS has been in business for over 50 years. Our company, JMS North America, has been serving the Americas for over 25 years.
Where are the JMS products manufactured?
We have manufacturing facilities in Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, China and our newest facility in the Philippines.
Where can I purchase JMS products?
JMS North America partners with distributors in the countries we serve. For more information on our distributors click here
How can I get a quote, catalog or a price list for JMS products?

For North America → Email

For Latin America → Email

Product Specific
What is the difference between the WingEater and the SysLoc Mini?
The WingEater is a “first generation” fistula needle that has the safety guard on the tubing and is activated by sliding the guard over the sharp as it is removed from the site. The SysLoc Mini is our second generation fistula needle that offers a rotating hub and has the safety built into the body of the wings. It eliminates the guard on the tubing which some patients and practitioners prefer. For more information, click here 
How do you match what gauge needle to use for the prescribed blood flow rate?
We use the Fistula First recommendations which state 17G=200-250 BFR, 16G=250-300 BFR, 15G=350-450 BFR, and 14G=>450 BFR.
What length(s) are the JMS Needles available in?
Both the JMS WingEater and SysLoc Mini come in 1 and 1 ¼” lengths in most gauges. Click here for Product page → click
Do JMS AV Fistula Needles contain Nickel?
Yes. All stainless steel contains some Nickel. It is thought that the silicone coating helps to shield direct exposure to the metals. For more information on metal components, contact JMS clinical affairs. Contact us or call 954-689-9280 Ext 18.
Can JMS provide documentation for registration of products?
Yes. Please Contact us here with a list of requirements.
Does JMS provide training or clinical support for their products?
Our Clinical Affairs Department has multiple resources to provide clinical support for our end users. Contact us or call 954-689-9280 Ext 18.