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Infusion Pump OT-701

OT-701 is a versatile and multifunctional infusion pump providing precise delivery through standard IV sets. The OT-701 utilizes a user friendly interface.

North America

Only Available in North America

Latin America & the Caribbean

Only Available in Latin America & the Caribbean

North America, Latin America & the Caribbean

Available in North America, Latin America & the Caribbean


Applications of the Infusion Pump OT-701

  • Continuous infusion in OR, ICU, CCU or general ward.
  • Chemotherapy, infusion of anti-cancer drugs and oxytocics.
  • TPN, Enteral Nutrition.

Features of the Infusion Pump OT-701

  • OT-701 provides precise infusion of both general parental solution and solution with high surface tension.
  • General use IV Sets (15 drops/ml, 20 drops/ml, 60 drops/ml).
  • Up to 4-hour battery backup continues operation when the patient is moved or AC power is cut.
  • Volume infused value can be reset to zero
  • Alarm sound can be selected from 4 different tones.
  • Flow rate readout can be selected from mL/hr or drops/min.
  • Finger cassette can be removed for cleaning.
  • Tube clamp can be removed for cleaning.
  • Handholds located at both sides of the housing allows for one-hand operation.

Download- Infusion Pump- OT- 701- English


Download- Infusion Pump- OT-701 - Spanish


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