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AV Fistula Needles

JMS AV Fistula Needles are available in Standard (non-guarded) and Safety AVF configurations.


The JMS WingEater® provides needle stick protection for a safe health care setting. The WingEater® fistula needle allows your facility to comply with OSHA guidelines on needle stick prevention.
North America

Only Available in North America

Latin America & the Caribbean

Only Available in Latin America & the Caribbean

North America, Latin America & the Caribbean

Available in North America, Latin America & the Caribbean


For Healthcare Worker

  • Safer hemodialysis and blood collection.
  • Allows for a fast and safe needle withdrawal.
  • Reduced risk of needle stick injury.

For Management

  • Improved safety in the workplace.
  • Compliance with needle guard safety legislation.
  • Reduced risk of needle stick injury resulting in potential cost savings.
  • Compatible with current clinical procedures.

System Safety Activation

  • Cannulation
  • Retracting
  • Locked

Download - WingEater Brochure- English


Download - WingEater Brochure- Spanish


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